Controversial photo that shows gender inequality between boys and girls

Controversial photo that shows gender inequality between boys and girls

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Amazed, outraged and stunned. This is how we find ourselves in the newsroom of our site after coming across this controversial photo on social networks that, unfortunately, shows the gender inequality between boys and girls in today's society. How long will we have to endure this type of discrimination?

"Isn't it a cute picture?" TheMedicalShots Twitter account posted a few days ago. I want to believe that the author of this publication in which two little blond children are seen holding hands and "playing" at being older wanted to convey tenderness, but, the truth, he did not get what he wanted.

The more I look at it, the more I see a clear example of gender inequality and discrimination. And I wasn't the only one! The comments on the networks against this photo have not been long in coming, so much so that the account has deleted the photo, although there is the damage caused by it, that is indelible! They have tried to correct the mistake or perhaps their reputation was not affected, but it is too late.

And it is that nobody understands how, today, men are attributed the quality of doctor, while women have to settle for that of a nurse. Why was it not the other way around? Without a doubt it is a sexist image, a snapshot that shows a problem: society continues to discriminate against women and grant them jobs of less category and responsibility.

The work of a nurse is somehow seen as "less than" and therefore pays much less than that of a doctor. We live in a society that continues to believe that professions that focus on caring for people are meant for us. And, sorry, gentlemen at TheMedicalShotst and many others who think so. It is true that there are women who dream of being nurses, but there are many others who aspire to become doctors, and we will continue to fight to make that happen.

But we are still the target of scorn and criticism, for example, a recent study published in The Times created a new category to define women who work outside the home, "absent mothers" and "blamed" them for having more obese children. And I wonder: 'Don't these children have parents who also have an obligation to be involved in everything that involves their children's education?'

And as I look at the photo, more questions I ask myself. 'Is it just a photo that we are over-analyzing?' Honestly, I don't think so, because it is this type of news that makes the barrier between men and women increasingly high and that hinders the work of many parents who are educating our children equally.

This photo has served as an excuse to talk with my daughter about gender inequality, machismo and discrimination against women. And this tweet is not just a picture of two children in disguise, it is a sign that we earn less than they do, that women sleep less than men, that working mothers have two jobs (outside the home and that of boys) and that we do more unpaid work than men. This photo is an example that we are failing the new generations of girls! Let's remedy it!

- Enough of dressing the girls in pink and the boys in blue. Let everyone choose the color they like best!

- Let's abandon the custom of buying for birthdays dolls and kitchens for them and trucks and cars for them.

- Let's give them the freedom to sign up for the extracurricular activities they want and let's talk about how soccer can be for girls and dance for boys.

- Let's tell them stories like that of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to travel into space, or let's watch movies like Billy Elliot with them, where the main character is a boy who dreams of being a dancer.

- Let's distribute the household chores in an equitable way regardless of gender, although the age of the children does.

- AND, Let's lead by example. Let them see Dad ironing and cleaning the bathrooms and Mom changing the light bulbs or fixing the dining room closet.

Only then can we avoid writing news like this and we will write headlines where we will change the word inequality for equality.

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