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Estrellita where are you? Children's songs

Estrellita where are you? Children's songs

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Estrellita, where are you? I wonder who you are In the sky and in the sea, a real diamond. Estrellita, where are you? ... This is how the lyrics of this beautiful lullaby or lullaby for children begin.

Learn the lyrics to this classic nursery rhyme and then sing it to your baby. He is sure to have sweet and happy dreams.

Estrellita where are you
I wonder who you are
Estrellita where are you
I wonder who you are

In the sky or in the sea
a real diamond.
Estrellita where are you
I wonder who you are

Estrellita where are you
I wonder who you are
Estrellita where are you
I wonder who you are

In the sky or in the sea
a real diamond.
Estrellita where are you
I wonder who you are

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