Step-by-step massage for pregnant women

Step-by-step massage for pregnant women

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Through this activity, the woman will release tensions


The cervicals suffer a lot from day to day. The best way to finish a relaxing and pleasant massage for the mother is to work the neck area, pressing lightly while massaging. The tension will decrease giving way to relaxation.

The extra weight and difficulty moving make the legs and arms work harder than usual. It is best to massage the extremities with light pressure to relieve pressure built up in these areas.

Obviously, the peak that undergoes the most transformation during pregnancy is the belly. It has to grow as the gestation months go by. In this area you must be very careful, but gentle and slow scrubs will favor both the baby and the mother.

During the gestation months, the abdomen undergoes many modifications. The best thing is to give a few small rubs around the stomach area to promote digestion and then go on to massage the sides of the belly in order to relax the accumulated tension.

It is common to see pregnant women with their hands on the kidneys, especially in the last stages of pregnancy. And it is that the lower part of the back suffers a lot. Therefore, it is convenient to massage the entire lower back, pressing on it gently.

If anyone usually has loaded and contracted shoulders, in pregnant women this is even more pronounced. With a relaxing shoulder massage, the tension will decrease and the mother will feel great relief in her upper back.

The back is also one of the hot spots of pain during pregnancy. Nothing better than a good massage that runs from the part of the shoulders to the area of ​​the kidneys, massaging in a circular way.

Nothing better than starting the massage in one of the most affected areas during pregnancy, the hip. The most common is to provide a massage in a circular shape, removing the tension and weight that this part of the body has on the pregnant woman.

For the massage to be as satisfactory as possible, the pregnant woman has to be in a comfortable position. The best position is to stand on your side, covering the parts that are not going to be worked at all times with a towel so that the mother does not get cold.

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