Baptize the baby. What is baptism

Baptize the baby. What is baptism

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Baptism is a rite within the Christian community that has a history and meaning beyond the family feast. Baptism is a word that comes from the Greek and means immerse in water. Some religions use the bathing rite as a symbol of purification, even the Jewish religion, in the time of Jesus, used water as a sign to cleanse sins.

It is a Christian ceremony that has its origin in the baptism of Jesus. According to the scriptures, Juan immerses him in the Jordan River and it is from that moment that he becomes aware of his mission.

Baptism is one of the three sacraments of Christian initiation: Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation. It is the first sacrament that a person who begins in the Christian life receives.

The custom of baptizing children from an early age dates back to the first centuries of the Catholic Church, since man is born stained by original sin and needs a new birth with baptism to receive the Grace of God.

The effects of baptism on the baby are:

- Forgive sins and give a new life. Obviously a newborn cannot commit any sin, but in the first centuries of Christianity Baptism was administered to adults and with the passage of time, age was advanced.

- It unites the baptized baby to the death and resurrection of Jesus, that is, when the baby is baptized it is associated with the destiny of Jesus Christ: to die to rise to a new, fully happy life.

- Makes the baptized participate in the same mission of being a priest, prophet and king that Jesus Christ had.

- Incorporates the Baptized into the Church. The Church is made up of all the baptized, therefore it is born from baptism.

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