GPS coat for children and to calm parents

GPS coat for children and to calm parents

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If there is something that despairs many parents, it is not having control of their child. There is nothing more terrible than imagining the possibility of losing sight of it. When we watch the news, we get goosebumps just to imagine that, in a matter of seconds, our child can get lost, hide, be kidnapped ... To try to eliminate the possibility of children getting lost or disappearing from their control. parents, one more technological innovation has just been released to keep the little ones located: a coat with GPS!

This GPS-enabled coat, jacket or parka, created by a French company, is a breakthrough, but it will not be the last device or the only one created to keep children located. Gemo allows parents to locate their children without disturbing them or making them feel like they are being watched. It will start marketing now in September, through its website. It is indicated for boys and girls between 3 and 10 years of age. It has a small box with embedded portable GPS hanging that will be connected to a mobile application. In addition, it has all the comforts to protect children from the cold, of course.

This is not and will not be the only device created to keep children under control. There are already other locators such as a GPS watch, the Num8, that you put on the child's arm and then it tracks the child's location on a website. Google maps. This watch can even delimit the area in which the child can play. If he leaves this zone, the device warns. Apart from this device, there are also applications on the Internet that can notify parents where their children are, through their mobile.

Will it be good to have your children always monitored? In my opinion, the devices work but they are not the definitive solution. What if the child loses the mobile, or the coat, the watch or whatever it is that keeps it located? Having them controlled and monitored with a device seems fine to me, but we cannot let technology replace our education. That parents know where their children are at all times is important, but I also believe that we must teach them some rules and safety habits so that they protect themselves and thus prevent them from getting lost. One thing should not replace the other, but should complement it. Children should always carry their mother's or father's mobile number with them. In addition, we must make them aware that we have to take care of each other. That it is not only important that we take care of and protect them, but also the other way around. How about?

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